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No Legal Department or In-House Attorney?

No Legal Department or General Counsel?

Outsource your In-House Attorney needs.

Business Team


From formation of any corporation type, including 501c non-profits, to fully papered up, including governance, capitalization, acquisitions, vender relations, and employment, WL offers a complete suite of business services.

Real Estate

Real Estate

WL reviews and negotiates residential transactions, commercial leases, CC&Rs, and more, including all required deed drafting and filing. WL also provides reverse mortgage counseling with required court reporter and video interview recording services.  

Film Shoot


Whether you're above the line or below the line talent, WL can advise, draft, and review option agreements, service agreements, licensing and distribution, and even provide everything needed for a loan-out company.

Dispute Settlement

Dispute Settlement

WL negotiates and drafts settlements & releases, as well as writes demand letters and other correspondence during the pre-litigation phase of a dispute.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Need an estate planning expert for your staff? Or maybe just for you and your family? WL drafts and reviews trusts, wills, powers-of-attorney, and more, including notary services. WL also provides trust administration services.

Boost your business by offloading your important legal work to an expert lawyer.

Your legal work is an integral part of your business, and it's too often overlooked.

Partnering with Where's Legal? provides many of the same benefits of employed, in-house attorneys and all of the benefits of outside counsel, without the downsides of either.

Spend more time on what makes you successful.

Happy Legal Clients
Business Budgeting

Price transparency, with fair flat-rates only, so you can budget your legal fees in advance without the sticker-shock.

No more paying a lawyer for calls and emails. Where's Legal only works on a flat-fee, upfront basis; no billable hours. This way, you'll know what it costs beforehand, whether you're on a monthly plan or paying for a standalone project.

Be proactive by getting ahead of potential pitfalls which could put your business at risk.

Partnering with an experienced lawyer who knows what you might be missing can prevent problems in the future and even lost revenue opportunities. Having your corporate structure, capital structure, contracts, employees & contractors, and compliance regularly monitored is essential to maximizing your potential and staying protected against threats to your business.

Privacy Policy Drafting
Efficiency & Clarity

Lightweight business model means less overhead and less red tape. The result is faster communication so work can be completed quickly and proficiently.

Many big firms and high priced attorneys will take as long as possible to complete tasks in part because the entire industry, both in-house and external counsel, incentivizes it. Not only is it overpriced, but sometimes it takes weeks for lawyers to even get started. WL is determined to streamline the process wherever possible to get started and finished expediently without sacrificing any work quality. 

Ryan Woods Esq. Where's Legal?


Where's Legal?, P.C. ("WL") is a Santa Monica based law firm serving the entire state of California. Whether you need help with your business, real estate, settling a dispute, or establishing an estate plan, WL can assist.


Hiring a full time in-house attorney and working with a traditional law firm both have many downsides, especially for startups and growing businesses. So WL is providing a reimagined legal experience tailored to the most common needs of today's businesses by offering expert legal services on an ongoing monthly basis or on a project basis. WL utilizes modern technological and business practices to limit overhead and bureaucratic red-tape commonly seen and abused in the legal industry. There are no billed-hours, only flat-fee pricing that you agree to before WL begins working. All together, this means you'll have an experienced lawyer working on your matter quickly, and completing your matter efficiently for an affordable cost.



Life Whisperer
Riveting Entertainment


Brad Listermann

"Securing capital requires organizing your corporate structure and ensuring everything is properly documented. We wouldn't have been able to do it so quickly and affordably without Where's Legal?"

Founder, Worldflix Inc.

Brad Listermann

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