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Where's Legal?, P.C. ("WL") understands the needs of today's companies and their managers/staff, and  whether the focus is cost-cutting or streamlining operations, efficiency is paramount to achieving business goals. Despite the increase in insourced counsel, as opposed to working with traditional big law firms and paying exorbitant hourly rates, hiring attorneys comes with impracticalities and expenses that aren't ideal for many businesses. Some of the downsides include costs associated with the search, executive level salary & benefits, onboarding requirements, managerial oversight, and installing support staff. Not to mention being in a position to have the workload to justify hiring a full-time lawyer. WL is the solution to the problem of not having counsel and struggling to meet legal needs, or being faced with expensive legal staff salaries or a firm's high hourly rates. 

Aside from serving as an in-house attorney alternative, WL might also be a solution for staffing in legal departments. If it's an out-of-the-ordinary project, leave of absence, or business growth placing too much demand on your in-house attorney(s), WL will have an immediate impact on the legal matters facing your business, not only because of the nimble onboarding process, but because WL practices in diverse industries and can draw from the experience of a wide range of situations and solutions.

Clear, reliable communication is critical to an efficient partnership, so WL aims to maintain multiple direct ways of staying in contact with clients. Overall, the focus is on creating long-term relationships, understanding client's businesses and strategies, identifying, addressing, and managing risk, and even illuminating potential opportunities for growth. 


Founder & Principal


Ryan A. Woods, the founder and principle of Where's Legal?, P.C., is a tactical attorney with a true entrepreneurial spirit. He has over a decade of experience working as a founder of his own startups, and over 6 years working as an attorney for other startups and growing businesses. His understanding of the entire chain of a business makes him uniquely suited to serve his business clients' legal and strategic needs. 

Ryan strives to always be communicative and approachable with his clients, making them feel heard and at ease knowing there will be action taken and a solution on the way. His ability to be friendly and open-minded, assertive and self-assured, and easy-going and humble, make him well suited to work with a myriad of clients through WL. 

He created WL after noticing a lack of legal services tailored toward small business. He grew frustrated with every legal experience he had sitting on the other side of the table as a client on a startup budget. Between uncertain and out-of-hand billed hours, poor work product, and difficult communication, he knew there had to be a better way.

Ryan graduated with a B.B.A. in business marketing from The University of Notre Dame, and J.D. from Loyola Law School.

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