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Legal services & compliance are essential parts of any business. Don't put off addressing this critical aspect of your business because it's too expensive.

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In-house attorneys demand executive level salaries & benefits, plus the time demand and HR costs to find the right hire can add up. Not to mention the expenses associated with onboarding, managerial oversight, and support staff. Does your business have the workload to justify building out its own legal department?

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Traditional law firms have huge overhead costs, so they offset these costs with high hourly rates. These firms also tend to be very inefficient and impersonal, leaving you with a difficult time not only getting your lawyer to address your legal matters, but just to answer your calls and emails. Plus, hourly rates make it nearly impossible to accurately budget, and might result in a surprisingly large bill at the end.


If hiring in-house attorneys is a rock, and traditional law firms is a hard place, WL can get your business out of that jam.

  • Offload your legal work so you can focus on your business
  • Transparent & fair pricing
  • Prevent issues before they arise
  • Quick work turnaround & easy onboarding
  • Direct, reliable communication
  • Can work in place of or with in-house lawyers
  • Staffing solution for attorneys on leave, rapid growth placing too much demand on legal department, or help with an out-of-the-ordinary project
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